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Rotate Text in MS Word

Ever find yourself looking to rotate text in MS Word?

Maybe you’re trying to make a flyer with phone number tabs across the bottom? Or, maybe you need to run some text down the side of a document and you don’t want to use WordArt, just simple text. Whatever your reason, you need to rotate the text and you find yourself in search of the process.

Did you find a way to do it?

Believe it or not, there is a way… but finding it can be quite a dilemma.

With it already said that it’s possible let’s get busy taking a look at how it can be done.

As always, how you accomplish this task depends upon the version of Word you’re using.

We’ll start by taking a look at older versions of Word:

To begin you’ll actually need to draw an AutoShape or Text Box in the document and place the text to be rotated within it. (For text in AutoShapes you can right-click on the shape and choose Add Text.)

At this point you will need to go to the Format menu, Text Direction choice.

This will open the Text Direction dialog box.


As you can see there are three directions to choose from. Pick the one you need and click OK.

Now we’re on to directions for Word 2007:

As with the older versions we need to insert an AutoShape or Text Box in the document and place text within it. (You can add text into an AutoShape with a right-click and then choosing Add Text.)

When the AutoShape or Text Box is selected you’ll have access to the Drawing Tools Format tab on the Ribbon.

On that tab you need to locate the Text Direction button. (The button won’t even appear on the tab until the shape contains text – the choices on the Drawing Tools Format tab will actually change at that time.)


This button will flip through the three available directions for the text. Just keep clicking until you’ve got what you want.

And there you are – text rotation, it’s not too difficult once you’ve found your way.

~ April