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RSS on Yahoo!

How can I add an RSS feed to a My Yahoo! page?

That’s a very interesting question and although we’ve done tips on RSS feeds before, we’ve never covered how you actually add one to a Web page or even how you get one from your favorite Web site. Before I go into the Yahoo! part of the question, I’m going to give you all a little background on RSS feeds first. In case you’re not sure of what all it entails, you’ll hopefully understand it better by the time you get done reading this tip!

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and it is just used to get information out over the Internet through Web blogs, announcements, etc. RSS news is updated on a regular basis and you can always count on them to have the most current information available. If something happened in the news, an RSS feed is bound to have it right away. It’s very convenient for Web surfers and anyone who relies on the Internet for their source of news.

Now, in order to get an RSS feed, you have to have a reader for it. These programs are called aggregators and they simply show you headlines and text summaries of a story and then you have to click on them to be able to read the complete article. There are several aggregators available today, including features on such portal sites as My Yahoo!, Google, Web browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox, e-mail programs like Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple’s iTunes program and even other devices like cell phones and the Tivo video recorders. Wow!

With an aggregator, you can keep up to date with your favorite blogs, podcasts, mass media Web sites, news channel Web sites and even Web searches. Each have their own aggregator. If you’re visiting a certain site and see an RSS icon at the bottom of the homepage, you can get a feed from that site. The icon looks like this: .

Okay, I think you probably have a pretty good idea about what RSS feeds are all about now, so I will move on to the original question at hand. As said before, adding a feed to your My Yahoo! page is just one highway you can go down, so once you learn how to do it for Yahoo!, you can go and add others if you so wish.

For My Yahoo!, log in to your account and go down to the bottom of the page and click on the “Add Content” link. From there, type in “RSS Feeds” in the Find Content search box. Then click on Find. This will bring up several feeds that are available for My Yahoo! You can just browse through the different selections and if you find one you like, simply click on the Add button next to it. That will automatically add it to your My Yahoo! page. If you’re not sure what the RSS feed is exactly, you can click on the title of it to read more about it before you add it.

My search came up with hundreds of options, so there is plenty to pick from to add some exciting news to your page. If you already have a feed in mind that you want, you can always type that in the search box. If it’s available for Yahoo!, it will show up in the search results. That’s pretty much all there is to it! Happy RSS feeding!

~ Erin