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Run Away Icons

When I try to click my icons, they seem to “run away” from my mouse. I can’t get to them and I’m having a hard time using my computer. What’s wrong?

I get this question a ton, so I finally looked into it. It’s actually a virus, the “magistr” one to be exact.

If you’ve been infected with it for more than two months, it will cause the jumpy icon phenomenon referenced in today’s question. In addition, it causes massive system instability, can mess up your BIOS, and delete all kinds of files. It will even take some text files and fill them with as many dirty words as it can (rated G newsletter or I’d tell you what word in particular :-)

Needless to say, this one is nasty and can really cause some damage. In fact, if it messes up your computer’s BIOS, it can potentially render your computer useless. It’s extremely well written and very robust for a virus. In other words – you don’t want it playing around on your machine – ever.

Although it comes via e-mail, the subject line varies, as does the attachment. There’s no way to even guess what to look out for. This is another one that distributes itself by sending to the people in your address book, so remember – just because you get an attachment from a friend doesn’t automatically mean it’s safe! If your friend is infected, he won’t even know he sent it to you!

For more info on this one, Click Here .

Be sure to check out our Virus Guide at the address below, too. It’ll teach you how to be safe when dealing with e-mail attachments and such: