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Runtime Error In Internet Explorer

Lisa from Massillon, Ohio writes: Hello,  When I try to open internet explorer I get a runtime error. I have taken my home page back to the default but nothing works.  If I right click on explorer and choose in private browsing and then go to the webpages I want by typing each one in and logging in then it works.  I am using Windows 7 and internet explorer 10.  Can you help?

 This behavior is usually caused by a hardware or software problem that is preventing Internet Explorer 10 from starting normally. Runtime errors are also sometimes caused by incompatible HTML code. One solution is to disable script debugging.

1. Open IE, click the “Tools” button and then choose “Internet Options” from the menu.

2. When the Internet Options window opens, Select the “Advanced” tab and then uncheck the “Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer),” “Disable script debugging (Other)” and “Display a notification about every script error” boxes.

3. Click “Apply” and then “OK” to apply the new settings and close the Internet Options window. Restart Internet Explorer to see if this solution solved the problem. If you still receive runtime errors, you need to reset the Web browser. Don’t forget to save your favorites! [1]

~ Nick