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Safe Search for Kids

Safe Search for Kids

Although most search engines are really efficient at what they do, most of us have probably still noticed offensive links mixed among the search results. As adults, most of us know what links to click on and what to skip over. However, when you are sharing a computer with children, it surely pays off to take as many preventive measures as you can. Today, I am going to discuss a few of these Web based options that will let you sleep better at night, knowing your kids aren’t going click happy on some bad link they shouldn’t even be looking at. Of course, it goes without saying that it’s imperative that you discuss this sort of thing and the ways of the Web with your kids (or grandkids), but this will help you even more.

A big part of the Internet is the countless directory services that keep huge databases of useful Web sites neatly organized. The problem with this though is once again, the inappropriate links. Between all the links these directories neatly organize, also present are the links that can be unsuitable for young eyes. A solution for this is the Web site and directory service called www.kidsclick.org. The idea is rather simple. This directory organizes many links that are suitable for children. Kids can search through them or navigate along it via a directory structure.

Lastly, Yahoo! also has a Web site specifically made for kids called Yahooligans [1]. Let your kids be free on this Web site! Yahoo! provides content here that most kids will love. Think of Cartoon Network meets Disney and you’ll have a good idea of what this site is like. A quick visit to the site will give you an even better idea, so go for it!

So, to sum all this up:

1. Be sure to give your kids sufficient knowledge about the Internet.
2. Create a separate profile for them on your PC so they don’t mess with your things.
3. Install an anti-phishing browser for them. The new Firefox 2 is a rather good choice.
4. Teach your kids to use sites like Yahooligans or Kidsclick.org.

With all this, you can keep your children safe while they’re online and you all can have fun at the same time!

~ Yogesh Bakshi