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Same Information, Many Cells

Same Information, Many Cells

Have you ever had the same information to enter in multiple cells in MS Excel?

What did you do?

Did you type the data into one cell and then copy and paste it everywhere else in the worksheet?

That was a bit of a pain, wasn’t it?

How would you like a way to get the data into all of those cells simultaneously? You know, a method that doesn’t require all the copy/paste hoopla.

It sounded like a good idea to me too, so here’s what I found!

To enter the same data into multiple cells (even non-adjacent cells), simply select the cells while holding down the Ctrl key.

With all of the cells still selected, it’s time to type in your data. But wait! Be sure you do not hit the Enter key, move out of the cells with the arrow keys or use the mouse to click anywhere else.

The trick to getting the data into all of the cells is in the big finish.

When the data is typed, all you have to do to place it into the selected cells simultaneously is hit Ctrl + Enter.


That’s all it takes to avoid a whole lot of copy/paste time. A little Ctrl with your Enter key and you’ve mastered the art of putting data into many cells instead of just one!

~ April