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Samsung S3 Picture Options + Bonus

Howard from United States writes:

I purchased a Samsung S3 clone. Anyway, it comes with what they call a user manual, which it is not. I’ve written to them back and forth and they have been no help at all. OK, it’s a close but it’s not the S3. OK, I can figure out most of it (though it really should come with a manual which tells you what to do. So, how to take a picture and how to retrieve it? Accidentally, I took a photo. for whatever reason it takes either 4 or 8 shots in succession. I only want to take 1. How do I turn off this feature? Or can’t I? You get the message. Your work is cut out for you.
Thank you.

Taking Pictures with Samsung S3

Good news! We won’t even break a sweat solving your problem. So let’s get to to it and start exploring that camera feature of your Samsung S3.

Step 1: Go to Camera Menu

Step 2: Choose Settings


Step 3: Select Shooting Mode, choose the photo function you want.


Since you just want to take one photo, select the “Single shot” mode. This will turn off the “Best Photo” function that automatically takes eight consecutive photos and chooses the best one for you.

The Burst Shot mode of the Galaxy S3 shoots a maximum of 20 consecutive photos.
Additional valuable modes you can explore are the HDR (High Dynamic Range), Smile Shot, Beauty-shot and Panorama photos.

Gotcha? Great!

Now you may wonder where all those photos went.

Chill. Just go to the “Gallery” and there you will find the shots you took.


If you cannot find the photos in the gallery, then you might want to install QuickPic and verify whether or not your pictures are still on your phone.


QuickPic is a free application that shows all of your pictures in a nice clear format. You can download it in your phone or check [app]com.alensw.PicFolder[/app].

If you can view your photos in Quickpick but you can’t find it at the gallery then they might be at the sdcard/DCIM/Camera .


Just go to Card, DCIM and then Camera.

Let’s explore another camera feature:


By default, autofocus is found in the center but you can tap anywhere on the screen to move it within the view.

Once you tap and hold, the focus is locked and then you can now recompose the scene.

On the right is the shutter button. The control above will allow you to switch between stills and video capture.

On the left is a column of customizable menu icons that gives you access to a range of camera settings. The thumbnail at the bottom part of the column shows the last captured image which takes you to the Gallery app when tapped.

A little extra!

Now if you want to transfer your photos to a computer or to a physical SD card then this will work for you.

Open QuickPick. Select the photos and email them to yourself, upload them to Google+, Flickr or Picasa and then transfer them to your physical SD card (ExtCDcard) with a file explorer like Astro and then toss it to your PC.

These easy-quickie steps will surely get your job done.

Have fun with your new phone!

~ Cory