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Save and Save As – What’s The Difference

Gloria asks:

When I save, I usually hit Control – S. Sometimes when I do that, I get a window that pops up and asks if I want to overwrite my file. Why does it keep popping up, and how can I avoid that?

Hello Gloria.

First of all, good job on using a keyboard shortcut, those are always helpful! That keyboard shortcut is the shortcut for the Save command. When you save a file, it will automatically overwrite the file you previously saved. Sometimes it does not ask if you want to do this, but sometimes it will ask if you want to save those changes. To avoid this, though, you can use the Save As command. There is a keyboard shortcut for Save As, but in this case, it can change from program to program. For this tip, you can just go to the File menu or the home button, (sometimes the Office button), and click Save As.

This will pop up a window that allows you to change the file name.

Notice that the file name at the top of the screen in this screen shot says tips1 but the title in the file name box says tips2. After I click save, I have two different files, the top file is the updated version of the other.

That is the difference between save and save as. Basically, use save to save your changes to the same file. If you want to have the original file plus the changes, use save as. Oh, and if you find that you want to change the location of any file? Save as works for that, too!