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Save as File Type in Office 2007

Working with Office 2007?

Everyone you share files with need them saved for an older version?

Maybe you have 07 at work and some other version at home…

Whatever the situation how many times do you find yourself saving a new file in an Office 2007 program as an Office 2007 file when it should have been in the 97-2003 file format?

Now what?

Oh yeah, go back and save it again – but in the correct format this time around.

What a pain!

Now, I know that you can download a Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack to alleviate some of this problem but let’s just face it. You can’t make everyone else download the compatibility stuff… you have 07 so sometimes you have to make the adjustment.

Which leads me to the next question – do you have to make that adjustment more times than not?

If so then you may just want to set your programs to save as a 97-2003 file by default.

This way, you only have to do the changing of the file format when you actually want a 2007 file.

To change the default go to the Office button and click the Options button for whatever program you’re using.

In the Options dialog window navigate to the Save section.


At the very top you’ll find the drop-down list for “Save files in this format:“.

From the list choose the older file type and click OK.

And that’s it!

All files from that point on are prompted to be saved in the chosen file type – saving you time and frustration as you say goodbye to your double-save blues.

~ April