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Save as JPEGs instead of BMPs

When I try to save pictures from the web they my computer tries to save them as .bmp? Is there a way to save them as JPEGs like they should be?

If the internet history folder is full, you might try to save a picture that says .jpg only to have it try to save as as bitmap. This is a sign that your Internet History cache is full. Keep in mind, though, that frequently visited pages will take longer to download because they are no longer saved in History (the browser looks in cache first for images before it downloads).

To clear out the history in Internet Explorer, hit the Tools menu/ Internet Options . On the “General” tab, you’ll see a “History” area. Click the “Clear History” button and you’re all set.


For Netscape, hit the Edit menu/ Preferences . Under the “Navigator” section, you’ll see a History section. Hit the “Clear History” button and you’re all set.


Note that from either Explorer or Netscape you can adjust how long your History files last. So, if you want them cleared out every week, just set it to seven days. If you regularly run Disk Cleanup, this also clears your history. If you have a program like Internet Clean-Up or iClean , you can set it up to clear History every time you close the browser.

~ Steve