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Save As PDF in MS Office 2010

Previously we’ve taken a look at how Office 2007 offers you the option of saving a file in PDF form. (Click here to view that article)

In that version of Office it was put right out there in front of your nose in the Save As choices for the Office Button.


But, if you’ve taken a look in Office 2010 and expected to find the same type of thing for the Save As you were sadly disappointed.

In Office 2010 Save As on the File tab does exactly the same thing it did in the old File menu… it opens the Save As dialog box. Imagine that?

As before, the option of saving in PDF form is there for the choosing in the “Save as type” drop down list…


… but let’s be honest here, that’s a big pain and I much preferred the 2007 method of choosing the file type before the Save As dialog box opened.

You’ve got to be wondering if that’s it. They just removed the easy choice from the program completely?

Well no, since I’ve brought it up we’d have to assume that I did it for a reason.

They didn’t remove it, they just moved it.

In Office 2010 you’ll find your PDF choices under Save & Send in the File tab.

It’s actually there twice… middle and right side… so which one do you use?

Well that depends upon what you want to accomplish.

Use this one from the File Types section to simply name and save your file in PDF form.


If you’re looking to attach the file as a PDF to an e-mail then choose this one from the far right.


Using this one will take you to a new message where the file is already attached in PDF form. It doesn’t save the file in that form for you but it does send it to others that way.

And that’s it… PDF saving and sending in MS Office 2010 the easy way.