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Save Favorites in Internet Explorer

Save your ghost stories and haunted houses. Let’s talk about a real nightmare: losing all your internet favorites. I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of these. They’re organized by subject: photography, writing, travel, friends, online ‘zines, crafts, stores, humor sites, podcast pages and directories, sports, webcomics, cool stuff I plan to afford someday but like drooling over now -you name it. If they were lost in a computer crash, I’d never find them all again.

Here’s a simple way to save all of your favorites. In Internet Explorer, go to File and click the Import/Export… option. The Wizard window will appear. Choose Export To a File and click Next.


You’ll then be asked what you would like to export: favorites, feeds and cookies. Pick whichever you like and click Next.

Click the top folder Favorites to select them all and pick the destination for your new backup favorites file. Click Next.


Save it to your Documents folder or Desktop with a unique name like “favebackup1.htm” to help distinguish it from any other program’s bookmark files on your system.

Back up a spare copy of the file by saving it on a flash memory device, CD, or DVD, just like the rest of your important information!