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Save That Hotmail

Save That Hotmail

Here’s another helpful tip for all of you readers out there who happen to use Hotmail as your main e-mail program. This one is going to help out so many of you, I just know it! Okay, so with all the e-mails you send out every day, do you ever stop and wonder what you actually wrote in all of them? Or maybe there was one in particular that you would like to read over to make sure you included everything you needed to say. Whatever the case, you probably should have saved it, right?

Well, after today, you will be able to do that with ease. I am going to teach you how to save an e-mail in your Hotmail account. Go ahead and click on New Message to begin a new e-mail. You can type out your message just like you normally would, but before you send it off, make sure you checkmark the box at the bottom of the e-mail that says “Copy Message to Sent Folder.” This will put an extra copy of that e-mail in your Sent folder for you. You can then send the message off with the assurance that you can always go back and refer to the saved version of it if you need to.

Now, if you want to keep that e-mail for longer than 30 days, you must move it to another folder, because Hotmail deletes any messages in the Sent folder after that time period is up. Also, keep in mind that you must check that box every time you want to save an e-mail. Hotmail unfortunately doesn’t have a permanent setting for it. So, from now on, you don’t have to wonder about what you actually wrote. You can go back and check on it and see for your very self!

~ Erin