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Save Your Keyboard

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love my keyboard, but a few of my keys have stopped working. Is there any way I can still salvage this one so I don’t have to buy a brand new one? Please help!

As a matter of fact, there is! Don’t go replacing your keyboard just yet. Listen to my suggestions and you can bring your old and worn in keyboard back to life. Here we go!

What do you do if one of the keys on your keyboard stops working? If it’s only a couple of your keys, they may have shut down due to so much wear and tear? So, what should you do? Well, replacing the keyboard may be the answer I would get from most of you. But, when it comes down to it, you might be wasting your money to go out and buy a completely new keyboard. A penny is a penny, right?!

This article is going to help you avoid replacing your keyboard just because of couple of non-working keys.

Let’s see how we can do this. For this article, I’m going to say that the “A” key on your keyboard has stopped working and you are in the middle of typing a document. You need to get your work done quickly, so what are you supposed to do when you need to type the letter A? Here’s what:

1.) Make sure the NumLock function is enabled on your keyboard.

2.) Press and hold the ALT key.

3.) While holding down the ALT key, enter the two or three digit decimal code (which is 65 in our example) for the extended ASCII character you want to generate.

4.) Release the ALT key.

Once you do all that, you will find the letter A on your document. If you want a small “a” instead, then type the code of 97.

The trick to this, of course, is to know the decimal equivalent of the ASCII characters that you want to generate.

So, what does ASCII mean? Well, before you go any further, check here for some information on that. The tip here will help you to understand it better.

The following tables show the decimal equivalents of the ASCII characters.

As you can see, this tip doesn’t only work for the alphabet keys. You can also use the codes for the symbols on your keyboard. So, are you still thinking about replacing that keyboard? I thought you might change your mind! When in doubt, just use these alternatives!

~ M. Nagarajan