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Saved Passwords On Shared Computer – How To Remove

Ernest from Buffalo writes:

I use Yahoo for my emails. In the sign in box, when I enter my User ID, my password will automatically appear, which defeats the privacy purpose of the password. This concerns me somewhat, because from time-to-time, I use a shared computer. I have tried to sign out/in to see if that will keep the password from reappearing to no avail. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

The reason the password was saved is because at some point you clicked save my password or remember passwords and the password has been stored in the web browser. Don’t worry though, because removing the password isn’t too hard. Some browsers let you remove specific saved passwords, while others require you to wipe out the entire list.

Internet Explorer: (deletes all saved passwords)
First click on the gear next to the favorites star in upper right hand corner and click on “Internet Options.” In the general tab click “delete” under the browsing history section. Click off all check marks except for “passwords” and click OK. Next time you’re prompted to remember password, select “no” or “never for this site.”

Google Chrome: (delete individual passwords)
First click on customize and control Google chrome (the three vertical bar’s next to the bookmark star) and click “settings.” Click show “advanced settings…” then click “Managed Saved Passwords.” Locate the Yahoo web address and click the X next to it to delete that saved information. Next time your prompted to remember password select “no” or “never for this site.”

Mozilla Firefox: (delete individual passwords)
Click on the Firefox button in upper left hand corner of screen, then click on the options menu and “Options.” In the security tab, click on “Saved Passwords.” Locate the saved password for Yahoo and click “remove”, then click “close.” Next time your prompted to remember password select “no” or “never for this site.”

P.S. A great solution to this problem is to setup multiple user accounts for a shared computer. You can each have your own desktop, web browser bookmarks and files and set a login password to make sure that the right person uses the right account. You can create accounts by going to User Accounts in Control Panel and clicking “Manage Other Accounts” then “Create A New Account” in Windows 7.