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Saved To Pages: Where Does It Go?

Emilio from Newport writes:

I have a Samsung Tab 2 tablet. When I saved some information on a screen, it said it was saved to “pages” or “page”. Where do I go to find page?

Emilio, it means the information has been saved to the “saved pages” on your device’s stock Android browser. To find a saved page, just tap the little star icon at the top of the browser.

It will take you to a screen featuring Bookmarks, Saved pages and History.

Tap Saved pages and you’ll see a list of your saved pages.

Here’s how to save a page. Open the page you wish to save. Then press your menu button.

A window offering several options will open. Select Save page.

You can also bookmark a page using Google Chrome. Go to the page you wish to save and select the menu button. Then press the star symbol at the top of the window that opens.

You can then change the name of the bookmark if you like and hit Save or just hit Save.

~ Cynthia