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Saving all Images from E-mail and MS Word

Ever receive an Email or Word document with several pictures in it that you would like to save as separate files? Instead of saving each picture one at a time. When there are several images, a faster way is to save all of your pictures in one procedure. This process may seem complicated. However, once you become familiar with the procedure you will find that is takes only 5 mouse clicks to save any number of pictures as separate image files. These steps will work with Windows and Word 2000, Word 2002 or Word 2003 XP. If you are unfamiliar with cutting and pasting, the procedure for copying the content of an email into a Word document is in the notes at the bottom.

Open the Word document with the pictures.
2. Left click on “File” in the Tool bar at the top of the window
a drop down box will open. (Figure 1)
3. Left click on “Save as Web Page”. (Figure 1)

Please note:
Depending on your Menu setting you may need to click on the double arrow at the bottom of the drop down menu box to display the “Save as Web Page” option.
Then: Left click on “Save as Web Page”

Figure 1

4. In the Save As screen left click on the down arrow at the right hand side of the
“Save as type:” box. (Figure 2

In the drop down Menu box, Left click on “Web Page (*.htm; *.html)”
Be sure not to choose “Single File Web Page (*.mht; *.mhtml)” (Figure 2

Figure 2

Left click on the “Save” button – (Figure 3)

Figure 3

When you save a Word document as a Web page, Word creates a subfolder in same folder that contains the original document. Open the Folder that contains the original Word document with the pictures to be saved. (Figure 4)

Figure 4

Double Left click on the subfolder to display the image files
In the subfolder the pictures that were in the original Word document are now listed as image001.jpg, image002.jpg and so on. You can now rename the image files, move them to another folder or open them in any graphics program you may have. (Figure 5

Figure 5

Double Left click on the picture icon or file name of one of the images.
The image will open in what ever graphics program you use. (Figure 6)

Figure 6 (aww, cute!)

Figure 6 is the picture displayed in “Windows Picture and Fax Viewer’

If the pictures are in an email, copy all of the content in the body of the email message to a new Word document and save the new Word document in the folder you would like to save the pictures in. To do this – with the curser in the body of the email, hold down the “Ctrl” key and then briefly press the “A” key to select all of the content in the email.
Release the “Ctrl” key repeat the procedure – hold down the “Ctrl” key and then briefly press the “C” Key to copy the content to the clipboard. Release the “Ctrl” key Open a new Word document then with the curser in body of the document hold down the “Ctrl” key and then briefly press the “V” key to paste all of the email content into the new Word document.
You can easily select the program you would like to view your newly saved images
with a couple of clicks. Right click on the image file name, a drop down menu box will open. Hover the cursor over “Open With” another menu box will open Left click on the program you want to use.

~Boyd Lutz