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Saving E-Mail From Outlook

Bill from Chattanooga, TN writes:

We receive our emails on Microsoft Outlook. Is there a way to copy emails form M. S. to a flash drive/USB Port? Thanks.


There are two main ways to save an e-mail onto a flash drive. The first method saves just the single e-mail, the second method saves your entire mailbox.  If you’re saving specific e-mails for record keeping or legal reasons, I recommend you save them individually. That way you can easily reprint them if needed. If you’re saving your mailbox for backup purposes, it’s a better idea to export the entire mailbox.

Saving Individual E-mail:

Select an e-mail you want to save. Click the file menu then click Save as. Click the drop-down box next to “save as type” and select HTML for universal viewing in web browser or Outlook message format for viewing only in Outlook. Name the file and select the destination as your USB flash drive, then click save.

Saving Entire Mailbox

Click on the file menu then select import and export. Select export to a file and press next. Select Outlook Data File (.pst) and click next. Select the mailbox you want to back up (make sure include subfolders is checked) and press next. Click the browse button, then select your USB flash drive, name the backup and press OK. Decide if you want to replace duplicates, allow duplicates or do not export duplicates, then click finish.

You will be prompted to add a password. This is a good idea if you need to secure the information. Anyone can view all of your e-mail from this file unless it is password-protected. Press OK if you don’t want to enter a password, or enter one and press OK to export your mailbox. The export process can take quite a while and may consume many gigabytes of space, depending on the size of your mailbox.



P.S. If you save as HTML, you can then easily send a copy of an e-mail to someone by  attaching the HTML file to a new e-mail. Since HTML is viewable in any web browser, it can be viewed even if the recipient doesn’t have Outlook.