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Saving Embedding Music from Email

Saving Embedding Music from Email

Yesterday you learned how to embed music files into email (BTW: I forgot to mention that it was an Outlook Express only tip. I could not find a way to do it in Netscape Mail or with web-based email). What if you want to save music embedded in an email you receive? Here’s what you do…

Open Outlook Express and highlight the message with the music, then on the Toolbar click: Tools, Options, Send

Under “Mail Sending Format” click the radio button marked “Plain Text”. Then Apply or OK .


You will notice that the embedded music file has become an attachment.


Double Click that MIDI File attachment and your default MIDI player (probably Windows Media Player or QuickTime) will come up. 

The following instructions are for Windows Media Player: in the toolbar click on File , then Save As . Save it to the Directory where you have your music files (i.e.: My Documents or My Music).

Now, be sure to go back and change your Mail Setting Format back to HTML after you have saved the attachment.

Another way to do this: after you have changed your settings to “Plain Text”, and clicked on Forward , you can click File , Save Attachments , and then save it to your Music Directory.

~ Woody V. Thomas