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Saving Pictures in MS PowerPoint

Did you know that you can save a picture from a PowerPoint presentation into a differnt picture format?

Maybe you need a Clip Art saved as a jpeg or gif?

Whatever your reason or need to get that picture into a different format here’s what you need to know to accomplish the task at hand.

Start with a right-click on the picture to be saved.


From the menu that opens choose “Save as Picture“.

The Save As Picture dialog window will open where you can save as usual… just be sure to not only name your picture but also pull down the list and choose a file type.

Click Save.


The picture is yours in the format you require.

And… one more thing… in an older version of PowerPoint I was able to make this same type of picture save with a Diagram (process, hierachy, venn, etc…) and in PowerPoint 2007 it worked very nicely with the SmartArt.

Now that’s what I call useful – create the diagram or SmartArt, save it in a typical picture file format and use it almost anywhere!

~ April