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Saving the iPod Battery

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Saving the iPod Battery

So, what’s common between a boring seminar and a cross continental flight? Well, probably the fact that you count on your trusty iPod to be your savior. But sometimes, halfway through the journey, the battery gives way. Has this happened to you? If so, keep reading so it won’t ever happen again!

There are few sure shot ways to prolong the battery of your iPod so you can get those few extra hours in. I’m going to go over them with you today. Here we go!

1.) Since the iPod has become so sleek, chances of you activating the playback while it’s in your pocket or purse are high. So, do your precious little toy a favor and put it on “hold” when you are not using it. (Just like today’s quick tip tells you to do). As we all know, an iPod can be put on hold by simply using the Hold switch.

2.) Apple recommends that users play files that are less than 9 MB in size for optimal performance. The reason for this is that the larger the music file size, the more frequently the built in hard drive spins, which only consumes more battery power. In case you have to play very long tracks, like audio books or podcasts, be sure to use an audio editing program to chop up the big files into multiple smaller ones.

Most popular media players also have options to convert uncompressed audio formats to different compressed ones (like from WAV to MP3, for example). If you use iTunes to manage your iPod, use the iTunes encoder to encode new MP3 files or to convert pre-existing ones.

3.) Make sure to use the latest iPod software. Apple makes great efforts to release timely updates for the iPod and a lot of those take care of battery issues. So, update that iPod software as much as possible!

4.) iPod features, like the equalizer and soundcheck, consume considerable battery power. If you aren’t a fussy user with hypersensitive ears, just turn those features off. To turn off the equalizer settings (even the ones you set using iTunes), go to Settings, EQ and choose Flat. Similarly, the soundcheck option (which makes sure the volume of all the played back tracks is the same) can be turned off from the Settings menu itself.

Another feature that takes up a lot of battery power is the backlight. Now, you can’t get rid of the backlight for good, however, there are certain times when you don’t really need it. Like for instance, when you are outdoors and can’t see what’s on the screen anyway, It’s a good idea to turn off the backlight. At other times, it’s beneficial to set the backlight timer as low as is convenient. A quick access backlight on/off option can be added to the main menu by selecting Settings, Main Menu, Backlight. If you have an iPod that is older than generation five, you can simply press and hold the Menu button to toggle between the backlight on or off options.

5.) The lithium ion battery of the iPod functions the best when it’s around room temperature. Room temperature in Oslo or room temperature in L.A., you ask? Well, let’s just say roughly around 32 degrees Fahrenheit is a good threshold mark. Below that, the battery might not function as optimally as possible. However, there will be no damage caused.

6.) Even though you’ve put that old iPod you don’t use anymore in storage, it’s better to charge it about once a month or so. Although it’s no longer in use, it’s good for the health of the iPod to give the battery a workout every now and again. Just like it’s good for the knee joints to get a good jog every now and then!

7.) If in spite of doing all of these, your battery still runs out way faster than it ideally should, it’s possible that the battery is defective. An iPod battery is not fool proof. It will last for approximately 450 odd charges. If you are around that mark, maybe it’s the battery at fault here. Go to the nearest Apple service center and replace it.

Though these tips are beneficial for all iPod users, those of you who use your iPod all day, seven days a week, come rainstorms or tornadoes, will surely benefit from this tip. After all, we all have wished at some time or another for that little extra battery power, just enough to listen to the theme from Rocky one more time, haven’t we? Go give these a spin!

~ Yogesh Bakshi

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