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Saving the Newsletter

Saving the Newsletter

If you are an avid WorldStart newsletter reader (which I’m pretty sure most of you are), have you ever wanted to save it? Maybe we covered some topics that you really wanted to keep on file for later use. That’s all well and good, but what about all those advertisements we include on the sides of the newsletters? What if you don’t want to save those?

Well, I can’t tell you that we will get rid of those ads, because we need to have those there, but I can tell you how you can save the newsletter without saving the ads! All you have to do is a simple copy and paste. Go ahead and copy the material you want, but make sure not to include the side ads. To do this, drag your mouse along the text you want to save so it becomes highlighted, right click and choose Copy. Next, open a new document in either Notepad, Wordpad or MS Word and place your cursor right at the very beginning. Right click again and select Paste.

Whala! The whole newsletter is there right in front of your eyes, without the ads! You can then save that file or you can print it out. That way, you will have all the text you want and no other hype. Sounds good, huh?!

To get to Notepad and Wordpad, go to Start, All Programs, Accessories and choose the one you want. To open Word, find it in your programs list under the Start menu. Hope this little tidbit of info helps you out the next time you go to save a newsletter!

~ Erin