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Scanit Browser Test

Your computer’s Web browser is a wonderful thing. It takes you all over the Web, allowing you to watch videos, buy things, download anything, play games, etc. You name it, it lets you do it. Your Web browser, whether it be Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or one of the others available, is your Web surfing vessel; sort of like a magic carpet ride through cyberspace. Your beloved Web browser however, can also be an open door to all sorts of unwelcome scumware, as I heard someone call it, and if not properly secure, it can lead to all sorts of unwanted problems down the road.

E-mail isn’t the only way to infect someone’s computer and lately, we have been seeing a lot more malware applications using browser based attacks, in order to compromise unsuspecting users’ machines. With a list of vulnerabilities and exceptions that’s as long as Santa’s naughty list, how does the everyday user know if they are protected from the current Web attackers? It can be a full time job trying to keep yourself informed to the point of being pro-active about your browser’s state of vulnerability. And come on, who’s got time for that?

Well, put that thought out of your mind, because I have found a Web service, from a company called Scanit, that will scan your browser with an invasive battery of tests that will help to determine just how secure your browser is. With the click of your mouse, you can scan your browser for any and all current threats that roam the Web. You can even customize the scan and pick and choose which tests to run. Browser Test is easy to use, with only a little user interaction required. It has the options to perform a full scan, a scan that only pertains to the particular browser you’re using or you can pick and choose from scan to scan.


While the scan is under way, it displays a progress bar along with a brief description of what is being tested at that particular moment, with the results of each separate scan. This is a great way to get familiar with the terms and types of vulnerabilities that can affect your browser. There is also a complete set of FAQs that will explain the Web service, what it does and why it does it, along with information on what certain components of your browser are and how they can be used against you. (Such as Javascript, for example).


Scanit has really put together a great Web service here that I think everyone should have in their security toolbox. Scanit has a notification service for browser tests that will notify you when new exploits are out, simply reminding you that you might want to rescan your system.

When the test is complete, a list of the tests performed and their results are provided.


It’s fast, effective and there’s nothing to install on your system. This is a service that anyone who surfs the Web should be using. Go out and do a scan when you have some time and see if your browser is as safe as you may think.

Browser Test can be found here.

Until next week, stay safe out there!

~ Chad