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Science Dump

The site touts itself as “espressos for the mind” by bring you a mix of daily science and art to inspire you. 

Warning! Warning! This site will steal your time, but you won’t mind after you’ve watched a stream of awesome videos. I just wouldn’t recommend visiting it when you have time-sensitive things to do! 

Navigation is easy! When you arrive at the site you’ll be greeted by the latest offerings at Science Dump. To view more, use the numbers or next links beneath the selection on the main page. You can also choose to view by New, Popular, or Categories by using the links above the selection on the main page. 

To give you an idea of the varied things you’ll find at the site, here’s some of the categories: Art, Biology, Computers, Health, Design, Environment, History, Humor, Internet, Nature, Philosophy, Robotics, and many more! 

When I was there some of the latest videos included a secret hidden exterior entrance door [1], a bird ballet [2],  and how polarity makes water behave strangely [3]. I lost track of time and ended up watching enough videos that it was two hours later when I came up for air. 

So check this out and fill your brain with mind candy!

http://www.sciencedump.com/ [4]