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Screen Capture With Jing!

It ends up that there are several options out there if you are looking for more than what the simple PrtScn button offers. Just a few months ago, I wrote an article about a program called Screenshot Captor. This is a good program for additional features and you can check it out here. Also, almost 3 years ago, we wrote an article about a program called Gadwin Printscreen. This program has been around for quite some time, but also offers some great features for caprturing your screen. You can check out that tip here.

Even though we have already talked about 2 other print screen programs, I have a third one that will knock your socks off! This program is called Jing, and it adds some things that these others just simply can’t do. Lets dive in!

First, download and install the program. You can get it here. [1] After install, you will be asked to create an account. This is required, but free. Having the account lets you take full advantage of all of the features that Jing has to offer.

After installing the program and setting up the acount, you will see a little yellow circle at the top of your screen.


Pass your mouse over it and it will change


If you click on the left ball, this starts the capture mode. This is where the cool stuff starts! You will be given crosshairs on your screen. simply drag the mouse to select the part of the screen you want to capture. After making the selection, you can simply take a picture of that area, or take a video. Thats right! make a video!

After making the video or capturing the screen, you will have the choice to save the picture or video to your computer or to the web. Make your choice, and then you will be told that it is done. Jing will automaticall make a link to your picture or video. You can just paste it into your web browser or you can view everything you have done by clicking the history button (the middle option on the yellow circle).

There are truly a ton a things that this program can do. just in case you missed it, here is the link again : http://www.jingproject.com/