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We’ve showed you how to take still photos of your computer with screenshots, but have you ever thought about taking a video of your computer screen? Sounds neat, right?! You’ve probably seen software developers create short videos of their applications to show the various features of a program, right? If so, you might be interested in creating your own screencast, which basically, is a video of what you see on your monitor. Screencasts can help you in remembering how to do something or you can use them to share certain ideas with your family and friends. Are you hooked yet? If you are, keep reading to learn how you can make your very own screencasts!

1.) There are hundreds of programs available today that allow you to create screencasts, but we’re going to be using a program called AutoScreenRecorder. It’s so easy to use, a caveman could do it!

2.) To get started, download the program from here and install it. Finally, open the program. It will look just like this:

3.) Take a quick look at the hot keys:

They are pretty basic, don’t you think? Now, look under the Record What section. Will you be recording a rectangular area, one window or your full screen?

After you’ve decided that, click the To tab.

4.) You can leave the Compressor alone, but under the Video file field, I suggest you select the option of “Ask me every time.” Finally, verify that the folder where you want the videos to go is correct.

5.) Next, click the button and the AutoScreenRecorder program will minimize into your taskbar. When you’re ready to record your video, just tap the F9 key on your keyboard. Then when you’re finished recording, hit the F10 key.

6.) Save the file with the name you would like it to be.

7.) Now, you can go back and edit your video by adding captions and animations through the use of Windows Movie Maker. If you’re not sure how to use that program, you can find some tips on it right here.

8.) Once you’ve finished everything, you can go on and enjoy your creation. Then be sure to share it with the world through Web sites like YouTube [1], for example. That is, if you want to share it!

Hope you enjoy this one!

~ Neil Patel