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Screenr: Web based Video Capture Software

If you’re an online teacher or an online marketer with an internet business, you know it’s necessary to have video screen capture software, but are there any that cost less than $200? If so, is the program only compatible with a Windows operating system?

Fortunately, there is one on that exists. Screenr, (http://www.screenr.com) is a free web-based video screen capture tool that’s compatible with both Mac and Windows, and it’s very easy to use.

You can use it as a teaching tool to demonstrate a technique to your friends or students. For example, if you were showing someone how to set up his Twitter account, you can actually record yourself setting up a Twitter account step-by-step as you narrate along the way.


Screenr is also designed to work with Twitter, your iPhone and can be uploaded into You Tube. You also have the option of just downloading your Screenr video to your hard drive, or you may simply upload it to Screenr‘s database online. Your viewers also have the option of watching your video in HD, producing stellar quality and sound. The pictures are crisp and very sharp.

When recording something from the internet, be sure to choose a browser that allows you to open more than one page at a time. Simply click the “Record Your Screencast now!” button. The video screen capture frame will appear over your Screenr page first. Widen your frame to get maximum view. Be careful not to cover up the scroll bar. Then click over to the page you want to record.


Try to minimize the amount of switching, clicking, logging in and logging off. This can be distracting to your viewer. Have all your sources ready before you record.
You don’t want to be thrown off-track in your narration while you’re waiting for a slow page to load. You may have to practice a few times to get it the way you want.

When you’re ready to record, simply press the record button.

If you’d like to pause the video in the middle of recording, click the pause button. To resume recording, simply click the pause button again.

To delete your video, simply click the icon of the rubbish bin. You’ll be asked to verify if you still wish to delete.


When you’re ready to post your video, you have the option of sending it straight to your Twitter account or posting onto the Screenr database. You can always Tweet it later.


Once you’ve chosen your posting option, Screenr will begin the process of creating a web version and iphone version of your video and uploading both.

Now your video should be ready for viewing. Visit the Screenr homepage [1] to access all of its features.

~Gina Jennings