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Screenshot Captor

Recently I received an email from a WorldStart customer outlining a screenshot program. As I was reading through I noticed that this is a really great find and I just had to share it with everyone. So Marjorie, thanks for the great tip!

Everyone at one time or another has had a reason to take a screenshot of their computer screen. Now, of course you can use the good ol’ “Printscreen” and paste method, but why take that much time? Also with that method, you do not have the ability to capture exactly what you want. Screenshot Captor is a program that is able to do this and many other things for you.

Upon downloading and running the setup file, I was surprised to find absolutely no add-on’s. It downloaded/installed extremely smoothly and without any issues. The last step of the setup explains to how to get your free license code for the program. (While this program is completely free, it does require a code to use.) In order to get my code I simply pressed the Program Website button located at the bottom of the window.

Once it took me to the site, gaining my code was extremely easy. By simply clicking on the “Get Free License Key” button – located in upper right hand corner – I was taken to a list of ways to receive one. There are multiple ways to receive the code, so go ahead and pick the best one for you here.

Ok, so now that the program is installed let’s see what it has to offer. SSC gives you multiple different options to take screenshots for your machine including: capturing your entire workspace, current screen, active window, selected region, and many more. In order to take a screenshot, simply click the Capture tab at the top and make your selection.

Not only was I impressed by all of the different methods of screen capturing in this program, but it also contained a Special Effects option. Some of these basic features include editing tools such as Blur, Grey, Dim, Glow, and a few others. Now that is something PrintScreen just can’t do for you.

Ultimately, this program has much more to offer than what I have laid out. Again, a big thanks to our customer Marjorie for finding this and being nice enough to share!

Click here [1] for your FREE copy.