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Sea Glass Journal

My summers as a child were spent on the beaches of Lorain, either Lakeview Park or Century Park, searching for mermaid’s treasure and swimming. Mermaid’s treasure was anything my sister and I found on the beach and deemed worthy of treasure – rocks, shells, and sea glass. Then we’d take our bounty home and get out a toothbrush and some soapy water and wash the things we found. The sea glass was always my favorite.  While I searched the internet for information on beaches for a friend of mine, I ran across this site for the Sea Glass Journal. 

Navigating the site is easy. You can pick whatever catches your eye from the featured materials on the main page, or you can use the handy navigation tabs that divide the site into the following categories: Home, News, SGOTM, Articles, Destinations, Craft Ideas, Slideshows, Photography, and Books. 

My favorite section of this site is the Sea Glass of the Month Gallery. That’s where I would recommend starting your journey.  My favorite is the Cobalt Blue Sea Glass Bottle Bottom from February of 2012. It’s my favorite color of sea glass overall. What you’ll find if you click into one of the sea glass of the month pieces is a description of the sea glass (color, diameter, weight, age), the history of the product it might have come from (in the case of cobalt, it comes from bottles made with cobalt oxide), and other interesting facts about that type of glass.

What are you waiting for? Go check out all the lovely sea glass!

http://www.seaglassjournal.com/ [1]