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Seaquence – Compose Music & Create Creatures

Are you ready to experiment with musical composition? Seaquence allows you to do just that with a twist. Here composition takes on biological properties, so as you create your masterpiece, you’re also making little creatures.

If you want to make something other than discordant beats, I suggest you check out the “About” page by clicking Learn More [1].  You’ll find the “How to Play” instructions as well as a really helpful demo video that shows you how everything works. 

Ready to start composing?  Well, then click the blue “Go” button to get started. Once you’ve made one little click the X to release it into the playing field, you then click “add” at the top left of the page to create more little creatures. When you’re all finished, click “share” to name your masterpiece and share it with your friends and family via the link the site provides,

You can check out mine here [2]

What are you waiting for go create music! 

http://seaquence.org/ [3]