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Search Engine Resources

Search Engine Resources

So, we all use search engines pretty much on a daily basis, don’t we? Whether it’s Google, Yahoo, Dogpile or whichever one you like the best, we always put them to good use. We expect them to get us the information we need, but have you ever thought about how all of those search engines get their information? Who provides the search results we rely on so heavily? Well, let’s find out!

Most of the major search engines get their information from third party search providers. A few of these include Web crawlers, human editors who compile result listings and some information comes through paid placement listings. They also sometimes create the information themselves through their own efforts. Some search engines feed off of each other as well. For example, Google takes care of the results they show all on its own, while AOL just uses the information Google gathers from their Web crawling listings.

Other search engines like Yahoo! and MSN do the same thing. Yahoo! gets their own information and MSN uses it. Most of the smaller search engines feed off of either Google or Yahoo! Along with that, some of them get their result listings from all three methods. It just depends on what they think will provide them with the best information to share with their users. It’s pretty interesting to know where all that info comes from, isn’t it?!

~ Erin