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Search Options in MS Outlook 2010

MS Outlook 2010: Where Did the Search Options Go?

So, if you’ve used the search box in Outlook 2007 to locate messages then you probably used the down chevron to open up a more detailed set of options for your search. Click here to view a tip on using the search feature from Outlook 2007.

If you’ve switched to Outlook 2010 then you may have not noticed yet but the down chevrons are not on the right side of the search field.


The logical question that follows is to wonder how in the world you’re supposed to complete a more specific search without the extra detail fields available in 2007.

Never fear, you’ve got a lot of search options you just have to click into the Search field to see them.


Yep – that’s right, when you click into the Search field a Search Tools Ribbon tab opens where you can access all types of ways to narrow down your search criteria.

Take a moment to go through the Ribbon tab and you’ll see everything you had before and then some.

Now that you know where to find the tools necessary to do searches with very specific criteria in Outlook 2010 go forth and find that missing message!

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