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Summer is winding down here in Ohio. The incredible heat has dissipated and it’s starting to feel like fall with clear blue skies or rain and much cooler temperatures. Things may be cooling off here, but my roommate is about to head off to Florida to visit her mom for a week, so there are plenty of summer opportunities left for her. She asked what I wanted her to bring back for me, and I suggested she bring me seashells if she and her mom hit the beach during her stay.One of my projects this summer was to identify and sort the shells we already have and I accomplished it, but now I’m out of shells!I

I used this site to help me identify the shells we had.  My favorite shells are the sea urchin spines we have. They are lovely dark purple with white rings around one end.  To get help identifying shells use the navigation strip across the top of the page and click Identifying. Then select the type of shell you want help with. Or if you don’t know what kind you have look at all of them till you find a match. 

You’ll find three other  sections on the navigation strip: 

Beachcombing – this section explains what beachcombing is.

Cleaning and Preserving – Here you’ll find tips on how to clean and preserve your seashell finds, as well as sealife finds (sand dollars, sea urchins, star fish, etc.).  

What to Do With Your Finds – this section gives you ideas of what you can do with the the shells you’ve found, cleaned, and preserved. 

I hope this site helps you identify, clean, and preserve your amazing beach finds! Check it out today! 

http://www.seashells.org/ [1]