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Second Picture

Welcome to one of the best Digital Art, Photography, and Design tutorial sites I’ve come across.

One of my pet peeves is going to a tutorial site on design or photographs that just looks ugly, you may have good information but if you’re not putting your own tips into practice who is going to put any faith in what you have to say.

So I’m giving this site very high marks for creating a site that is both instructional and beautiful to look at. (If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you’ll see a lovely white fluffy cloud that echoes their sky theme at the top of the page.) Love! Love! Love the site design!

Now that I’ve gushed over the site’s design, let’s dive right into the meat of it, the tutorials! You have several options for tutorials to choose from on the navigation strip.

They are:

3D Tutorials – these tutorials are things that I dream about being able to make someday. Here you’ll learn all about how to make 3D models, shading, photo montages and more.

Photoshop Tutorials – are always a blessing. Photoshop is one of those programs that I always mean to learn better. There is so much that you can accomplish with it, yet I find myself often sticking to making buttons, and just adding effects to photos. Here you’ll learn to do that but you’ll also learn how to add radical effects, make realistic water reflections, and more.

Photography Tutorials – here you will find tons of tutorials that teach you how to get the shot you’re after. They focus more on the technical side of capturing a photo than the artistic side of composition. You can learn about HDR cameras, how to take better family photos, and of course the most basic, how to take a good photo. There are a lot of tutorials to investigate here but its well worth it to enhance your skills.

Photography Composition – this is what I came here for! I’m learning to use my digital camera to take photographs of the outside world, as well as, my sculptures. There are days where I just have to get my hands into some clay in order to be happy. But in order to share my work, I need to be able to take crisp photos of it. I have to think about lighting and backgrounds in order to highlight it at its best. This section has nine excellent tutorials on photographic composition. So whether you want to take better vacation photographs, pictures of still life, or want to further your skill as a photog – you are sure to find a tutorial here to help you along the way.

Web Design Tutorials – I can still remember hand coding websites back in the 90’s. As soon as I learned about CSS (cascading style sheets) I knew they were going to be a blessing. The tutorial they have here will teach you how to make a navigation bar like the one they have on their site. It does require you to have some HTML and CSS knowledge. If you don’t, you can still learn it – because they’ve provided a link to where you can get the background knowledge you need to continue forward. Just follow the directions, and before you know it you’ll have your very own horizontal navigation bar.

Are you ready to create amazing images, I know I am! With these tutorials we can all learn how to do it!

http://www.secondpicture.com/ [1]