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Secunia Update Advisor

Secunia Update Advisor

I shouldn’t have to remind anyone out there how important it is to keep your software up to date. Not only for security based applications, such as your antivirus solutions, but this includes your everyday applications as well. An open vulnerability in just one application on your system can make your whole PC vulnerable to attacks. The analogy of “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link” comes to mind and for good reason.

So, you say, “This all seems reasonable enough. I just need to keep my applications up to date. Okay, Chad.”

But, it’s not always that easy. I know a lot of people have there auto updates turned on for their Windows operating systems, but what about the other third party applications, like browser plug-ins, etc.? A good majority of these applications don’t check for updates or possibly, the updater was disabled trying to regain some system resources.

Well, this is the reason I was so excited to run across the outstanding security company of Secunia’s software inspector. The inspector is a Web based application that can go through your system matching up its own database of update signatures against the ones currently running on the local system. The process generates a report of where your system may be lacking in the filed of application updates if your system is unsecured and needs to be updated. All of this and more will be noted and displayed.

Besides being completely simple to use, Secunia’s software inspector has some great features to help you stay on top of your program updates. For example, in addition to checking the third party applications on your system, the inspector will also check your installed Microsoft products, including operating system components. Informing the users of necessary updates is key, but what is even better is instructions, including links from the application manufacturer on how and where to update the software in question.

Another nice attribute of Secunia’s software inspector is that it runs from a browser, so there are no unnecessary program installations saving you hard drive space on your system.

Anyone concerned with patching security holes on their system may want to bookmark the Secunia software inspector and run it as part of your regular security routine. It’s fast, easy and tremendously helpful. Take advantage of Secunia’s software inspector so hackers can’t take advantage of your unpatched system anymore!

You can try out Secunia’s software inspector here.

Until next week, stay safe out there!

~ Chad Stelnicki