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Securing Your E-mail – Part 2

Securing Your E-mail – Part 2

As you probably remember, yesterday, I wrote about how you can secure your e-mail using a security certificate (you can read that tip here if you missed it). That process required both parties to be using an e-mail client, such as Outlook Express or MS Outlook. Well, today, I’ll talk about another method of e-mail encryption that allows you to send secure e-mails to anyone if you’re using Outlook Express. The best part about this method is that while you still have to be using an e-mail client, the recipient can be using any program and they can still read the e-mail by going to a secure link through the provider of the program. Let’s check it out!

The program is called Comodo SecureEmail and it’s completely free! All you need to do is install Comodo SecureEmail, use the wizard to get an e-mail certificate and start sending out secure e-mails. When you send a secure e-mail to a person who doesn’t have the correct requirements, they’ll be directed to a Web site where they can read your e-mail securely and safely.

To learn more about SecureEmail and download it for yourself, simply go here. Enjoy!

~ Gary