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Security Certificate Errors Have Me At My Wit’s End!

John from Brisbane, Australia writes:

I am at my wits end because of Internet Explorer blocking sites it claims having security certificate errors.. I have tried various “remedies” posted on the web, but I am still plagued by this nonsense..My browsing enjoyment has been destroyed, so please help me (and probably millions of other people?) If you know how to rectify this annoying occurrence, please tell us all???

Interestingly enough, John. The problem could have something to with your system clock. Security certificates depend on your computer clock, if your battery is running down, it could be losing time and causing confusion. 

Check your time and date. If it looks like it might be a bit off, click on it.

Select Change date and time settings.

You can change date and time and time zones from here. If your clock is off, you’ll want to adjust the time.

While we’re here, let’s look around  and check out how your computer syncs the clock with the Internet. Choose the Internet Time tab. You’ll be able to see when your computer syncs time with the Internet.

If you’d like to know how to change your CMOS battery in your computer. Check out this article: How To Locate And Change Clock/CMOS Battery. [1]

 ~ Cynthia