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Security Quiz

Security Quiz

Thanks to one of my favorite message board users, Pelican56, I have something truly awesome for you all today! It’s something that every computer user really should take a look at. So, tell me, do you ever wonder how safe your security programs really are? I mean, do you sometimes just sit back and worry about them? What if they’re not everything they’re cracked up to be? Well, when it comes to the security of your computer, you really need to be 100 percent sure about your programs. And that’s where today’s tip comes into play. Keep reading for all the details!

Security programs can actually flaw out a lot faster and easier than you may think. If you don’t handle them right or keep them updated, etc., you could run into some major problems. Well, lucky for us, there’s something you can do to test your security applications to see if there are some areas that need improvement or if you’re good to go. The quiz is available for anyone to take and it goes through the top 28 attributes of a flawed security program. As soon as you’re done answering the questions, you can look through your results and determine how your security programs are performing and so on.

There are three parts to the quiz with a total of 28 questions. The questions are all in a True/False (0 being false and 9 being true) format and you can answer them based on how you feel about your own programs. Now, a lot of the questions are geared more toward security leaders, but if you want to take the quiz, you certainly can. Your results may vary though, since it is meant for larger groups of computers, all using the same programs. If you want to take the quiz or just read more about it, you can do so here. Either way, it’s really rather interesting. Check it out!

~ Erin