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See It All

See It All

Need to know how many times a phrase or word appears in an MS Word document?

Afraid you’ve overused a word in your writing?

Looking for a quick way to search the document (a way that doesn’t involve manually looking through the text) so you can make sure you haven’t “thrown in” that favorite catch phrase one too many times?

If you answered “Yes,” here’s a quick tip you can use to help with your document editing, if you’re using one of the newer versions of Word. (Sorry, I couldn’t find this one in Word 2000 when I looked).

Let’s face it, what you’re really doing is hoping to find all the occurrences of the word or phrase. So, let’s find them!

The first thing you need to do is open the Find window. There are several ways to do this. Two of them are the Edit menu, Find choice or Ctrl + F.

The obvious step in the Find window is to type in the word or phrase for which you’re searching in the “Find what” field.


Do not click the Find Next button. (I know that’s your first instinct here, but all you’ll get is the first occurrence that Word finds of the phrase, not all of them).

You’re looking for the “Highlight all items found in” box.

Check this option and be sure to select where to search for the phrase from the list below.

You’ll notice that the Find Next button just became the Find All button.

Click the Find All button.

Instantly, you’ll discover that the document now has all occurrences of the word or phrase you entered highlighted, awaiting your editing decisions.

When you’re done with the Find window, click the Close button and you’ll be back on your way!

~ April