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See Online Help Better

See Online Help Better

Have you ever found yourself squinting to read the topics in the MS Office Suite online help?

I don’t mean the Office Assistant list of ideas, but the actual help windows with all the information. (The one that comes up once you’ve selected a topic.)

If the answer is yes, then my next question is: would you like a way to alleviate the squinting problems?

Yeah—I thought some of you might—so let’s take a look at the options.

If you’re working with Office 97 you’ll find your help in the Options menu.

Once you have the information window open, click on the Options button. A list of items will open—you’re looking for the Font choice.


In the Font submenu you’ll have the choice of Small, Normal or Large. Click on the Large choice and see if that might help you with your problems.

(You could also right click anywhere in the window and the menu that pops up will contain a Font choice. From there you’ll get the same three options of Small, Normal and Large.)

Now let’s move to people with a newer version of the MS Office Suite.

There’s no font button here—but—if you have a wheel mouse then you’re all set anyway.

Once the information is on the screen hold down the Ctrl key and spin the mouse wheel.

One way the spinning will increase the font size and the other will decrease it.

Squinting be gone!