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See the BCC?

See the BCC?

After running a couple tips about the BCC feature in e-mail, I’ve gotten a few e-mails from people about being able to see the BCC e-mail addresses after the e-mail has already been sent. Several of you have asked, “Is that possible”? Well, it depends on a couple things.

If you’re trying to see the BCC addresses from an e-mail you received from someone else, it’s not possible. The BCC feature is used to keep e-mail addresses disclosed from other recipients. The main reason it’s even used is so others can’t see everyone else’s address, including your own. It’s just a generous thing to do when you’re sending e-mail, because it prevents all of those e-mail addresses from floating around in cyberspace.

On the other hand, if you want to see the BCC addresses of an e-mail you personally sent out (maybe you forgot who all you sent an e-mail to or something), it depends on the e-mail program you use. Some e-mail clients keep a copy of the BCC addresses in your Sent Items folder, but others don’t reveal them at all.

The BCC option is a very private issue and most agree that’s exactly how it should stay. And that’s that!

~ Erin