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See the Whole Page

See the Whole Page

Here’s one that came in from a reader regarding MS Word and labels.

The reader inquired about how you could see a document that’s a whole page of labels in Word. You know, where you can edit them and make each one different, if that’s what you please.

It’s a very useful thing to know. I use this all the time at work and very rarely does the page contain all the same labels.

So, if a page of labels is something you’ve ever found yourself looking for, this tip is for you!

In older versions of Word, you need to start as usual in the Tools menu, Envelopes and Labels choice.

If you have Word 2007, you need the Mailings ribbon, Labels button.

Either way, once you’re looking at the Labels tab, you’ll need to select the correct label size.

Now, if you want them to be all the same, you can enter the label text in the address area provided and click the New Document button.

However, if you want a blank sheet of labels as well, just leave the address text box empty and click the New Document button.

A new document will be created with your labels visible.

That’s it. That one little button certainly makes editing and multiple label pages easy to manage!

~ April