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Seeing the Unseen in Excel

Seeing the Unseen

Ever find yourself frustrated with MS Excel as you create a worksheet that you’re specifically trying to keep to one page wide?

Are you constantly flipping back and forth from the worksheet to the print preview so that you can “keep an eye” on things and make sure you’re not designing something that exceeds your intended print size?

I know some of you have a back up plan, right? You figure you can always use the Page Setup window to force the worksheet to be one page wide, but have you ever noticed how much it shrinks the data to make it fit?

Wouldn’t it be nice to get Excel to show you the page breaks while you’re working so that you could plan accordingly?

Yeah, I agree with you on that one!

Just show me the breaks so that I know what kind of space I have to work with.

Fortunately, help is just a few clicks away!

Give this a try and see if it helps with your situation.

In Excel 2007, you need the Office button and then the Excel Options button in the bottom right corner.

Now, we need the Advanced options button and then scroll down to the “Display options for this worksheet” section.

You can use the drop down list in the blue section title bar to select where you want to apply this setting.

Then just checkmark the “Show page breaks” option and click OK.

In older versions of MS Excel, you’ll need to go to the Tools menu, Options choice.

We’re looking for the View tab.

Under the Window options section, check the “Page breaks” choice.

Click OK.


You’ve got horizontal and vertical dotted lines throughout your worksheet, showing you exactly where Excel intends to insert the page breaks.

What could be better than removing some of the guesswork from your day?!