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Seizure Tracker

Whether it’s your child, friend, partner, parent, or even a perfect stranger it can be a very scary thing when a person has a seizure. I’ve had both a boyfriend and a friend who were diagnosed with epilepsy.

At first it was terrifying, but soon you start to adapt to the situation. One of the most important things we learned early on was the importance of tracking when the seizures happened and how long they lasted.

Today, I’m bringing you Seizure Tracker, a free resource that will help you or a loved one track when seizures occur, how long they last, what medicine that is being taken, doctor appointments and more.

It is easy to sign up. Just click Create Account. Then create a username and password and click login. Then provide your e-mail address, create a security question, and relate how you heard about the site and click Submit. Then you can fill out the patient profile that will be used to help create the seizure logs on the site and then click submit.

Once you’ve done that you’re presented with three month’s worth of calendars. Click the date the seizure occurred to log it. You can fill in seizure related information on the form you are presented with. When you have entered all the details, just click Record Event. Away from home and don’t have access to your computer? Well be sure you check out the mobile app that you can use on your cell phone to keep track of your seizures.

It’s that easy! This is an awesome resource for anyone who suffers from seizures. I hope you’ll share it with your friends, so more people can find out about it!

https://seizuretracker.com/ [1]