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Select Multiple Columns in Excel

Here’s a quick little tip that may come is very useful for those of you who aren’t necessarily experts with MS Excel and yet spend much of your day trying desperately to efficiently use it.

Let’s talk about row heights and column widths.

I’m sure that most of you have found that you can resize a column with a click and drag of the right divider line between two column headers (the letters labeling each column).

And, in the same vein, you can click on the bottom divider between two rows then drag to change the row height.

Both of these tricks are awesome and I use them frequently.

But… what if you have a lot of columns to be resized and they all need to be the same width?

Do we change them all by hand… and I’m pretty sure the drag and drop isn’t going to work well, making them all match in that method would be an amazing pain.

Here’s the little bit of information that you may be missing: You can select multiple columns (or rows) using the Shift and Ctrl keys simultaneously before you try the drag and drop trick.

If you tackle the situation that way you’ll find that adjusting just one column width using the drag and drop method will change all highlighted columns to that same width. This technique works with the resizing of multiple row heights as well.

Yep – it’s that easy…

Highlighting ALL to be Changed + Resizing Only ONE = Resizing of ALL That Were Highlighted