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Select Them All

Select Them All

Did you know that in MS PowerPoint, you can select several objects with just one click and drag of your mouse?

By replacing the old “Shift + mouse click (repeated over and over on each individual object) routine,” we have the lovely and wonderful one click and drag option instead!

Most people are aware of this neat little trick on the desktop. You know, where you click on the desktop, hold down the left mouse button and drag. A dotted line rectangle is then drawn and everything in the rectangle is selected once you release the mouse button.

Well, as I was working on a PowerPoint presentation the other day, I accidentally figured out that I didn’t need to waste all that time holding down the Shift key and selecting each item individually. I had something like 30 separate text boxes and was frustrated with all the selecting. In my fit of frustration, I clicked and dragged a rectangle and much to my surprise, all of the objects in the rectangle were instantly selected. Yeah!

I tried this in Word and got nowhere, but for those of you who use PowerPoint with a lot of different objects, this is a huge timesaver!

Give it a whirl. You might just save yourself some time and frustration!

~ April

P.S. – Just as a quick note here: I did find that you must have the object completely in the rectangle for this to work. If an object is only partially in the rectangle, it will not be selected.