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Selection Direction

Selection Direction

Have you ever been working in MS Excel and found yourself wishing that the cell selection would go in some other direction after you hit the Enter key?

Let’s face it, sometimes the data needs to be entered in rows, not columns.

Never fear! A couple of clicks and bingo, you’ve changed the direction the Enter key moves the cell selection.

Wanna know how?

Sure you do.

To begin go to the Tools menu and choose Options.

Next, select the Edit tab.

In the middle of the window you should see the Move selection after Enter option. Then just below that there is a drop down box for direction.


Now change the direction listed to right, left, up or down then click OK.

That’s it. You’re all set. Back to entering data, data, and more data.

As a side note—many people like to use the Tab key to move right and Shift + Tab to move left. If that’s something you’re used to then this one probably isn’t all that helpful to you. But… if you’re someone who is quicker with the Enter key then this one can definitely save you some time. I especially like it when I’m entering mostly numeric data on the side keypad and need to move right. After all, there’s no Tab key on the keypad.

As with anything else, it’s all up to personal preference.