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Send and Receive Gmail Through MS Outlook

Do you want to use a desktop email client so that you can read and reply to Gmail emails without opening the browser all the time? Using a desktop email client has its own advantages. First, you can manage all your email accounts at one place. Second, you can read emails and write the responses when you do not have an internet connection.

The biggest advantage of using a desktop email client is “Backup”. All your emails are stored locally in your computer and you can access important emails even if you have deleted the message from your Gmail inbox. The best desktop client for managing emails in Microsoft Outlook and following are the steps to configure it for receiving emails from your Gmail account:

1.Log in to Gmail and go to settings by clicking the “Settings” link placed at the right top of the browser window.


2.Enable IMAP by selecting the radio button that says “Enable IMAP”.


3.Open Microsoft Outlook and select “Account Settings” from the “Tools” button provided in the Menu bar.


4.From the Email tab, click “New” to set up a new outlook email account.


5.This will open a Wizard which you can follow to complete the set up process. In the first step, select “Manually configure server settings or additional server types”.


6.In the next step, select “Internet Email” and click “Next”.


7.In the next window that appears, fill in your name, Gmail account username and the Gmail account password as shown below:


Remember to apply the following settings:

a) Set the “Account Type” as “IMAP”.
b) Set “Incoming mail server” as “imap.gmail.com”.
c) Set “Outgoing mail server” as “smtp.gmail.com”.

8.Click “More settings” and select the “Outgoing Server” tab as shown below:


9.Select the checkbox “My outgoing server requires authentication” and check the radio button “Use same Settings as my incoming mail Server “.

10.Switch to the “Advanced” tab and enter the incoming server port number as 993. Next, set the “Outgoing server” port address as 587.


Set “SSL” for Incoming server and “TLS” for outgoing server as the connection type.

11.You are almost done. Click on “Test account settings” and Microsoft Outlook will send a test email to verify your settings. You would get the test email in your Gmail inbox as well as in your Outlook email folder.

If you did not receive the test email within a couple of minutes, may be you have missed out something on the tutorial. It would be better if you start afresh.

It takes some time to create your Outlook accounts but it’s well worth it. Have you configured Microsoft Outlook to receive emails at your desktop yet?

~Amit Banerjee