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Sending Distribution Lists in Outlook

You know that person who e-mails everything so efficiently using distribution lists?

And… what are you doing?

Choosing each person individually for each message you send?

Maybe you’re searching out a previously sent message that went to the right group of people, creating a forward message, clearing out the old content of the message and then composing the new e-mail?

What a lot of work!

Or, maybe you’re the one with a great list and are willing to share it with others who could benefit from using it?

If either one is the case, then I have a super simple solution, just e-mail the list.

No, I don’t mean copying the list into a message for. I mean actually send a distribution list to someone else.

Sounds like a good plan to me, so let’s take a look at how to e-mail a distribution list.

First, we need a new message addressed to the person to receive the list.

Next we’ll attach the distribution list.

In the message window, you’ll find a button on the Message tab of the Ribbon labeled as Attach Item.

It will lead you to a dialog box looking something like this:


In the top section choose Contacts.

Then, at the bottom scroll down to find the distribution list, select it and click OK.

Send your message as usual.

On the receiving end of this message…

The person receiving the list will find that when they double-click to open it that it comes up already in the distribution list dialog box.

They can then rename it if they choose, and save it in their contact lists.

Next time someone admires your wonderfully efficient list, or you wish you had theirs, sharing that list is so easy that it would be a pleasure.

~ April