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SendTo-Convert: Convert Images Quickly

Do you ever need to convert an image from one format to another? How about quickly re-size a photo to shrink it down for posting on the web or including in e-mails? SendTo-Convert is a fantastic utility that adds this functionality to the Send to menu. With SendTo-Convert you’ll be able to:

To begin, simply download the setup program for SendTo-Convert by clicking here [1] and run the program. You may receive a smart screen message indicating the file is not popular and is not signed by the sender but I’ve run in through the bank of 45 virus scanner and they all showed it’s safe to run. The setup program is as simple as selecting next a few times and making sure to click the check-box in the last step to add a shortcut to send to menu.

Once installed, it’s as simple as right-clicking on an image, going down to Send to menu and selecting SendTo-Convert. The program will open and present you with a menu to choose the output format. The most commonly used option are JPEG which will compress your image or JPEG (lossless) which will save your file as a JPG but not compress it.

You can click the settings menu to change resizing defaults, jpeg compression, where the images are outputted and even change the default output format.

The proof is in the pudding and I’ve got to say, this utility is pretty impressive. You can select multiple files at the same time before right-clicking and using the SendTo Send-To-Convert. I was able to convert 58 high resolution 20 megabyte files to 1200×800 photos fit for e-mailing in under 15 seconds. The utility takes up nearly no disk space and provides a needed function especially when trying to share photos via e-mail or Facebook.

You can read more about SendTo-Convert on the the authors’ website by clicking here [2].